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Welcome to Connections Lactation Care, where we help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals. Our team is composed of two skilled lactation specialists;

Carol Kidd IBCLC and Lilli Moody CLC. We are experienced with helping mothers overcome  breastfeeding obstacles, providing resources and exercises for babies with oral ties, and supporting breastfeeding families within our community. We understand that each mother's journey is unique, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Meet Our Lactation Specialists

Our team of lactation specialists is dedicated to providing evidence-based lactation support and education to mothers and families in our community. We are passionate about helping every mother achieve her breastfeeding goals and ensuring a positive breastfeeding experience for both mother and baby.


Carol Kidd


I’m Carol Kidd, BA, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). I am wife to my handsome husband of 29 years and we have 3 children, two of whom are married.

Breastfeeding has been fascinating to me since the day I became a mother. Such a simple activity with such complex biology and physiology, so integral to the development and healthy attachment of a child, so foundational to the connected family.

I started helping mothers and babies as an accredited La Leche League Leader in 2003. After my third child was born, I felt called to further my education to become an IBCLC and continue to pursue my passion for helping and empowering breastfeeding families during the fragile postpartum period. Over these many years, I have had the privilege of supporting many hundreds of families in their breastfeeding journeys.


My IBCLC certification means that I am an allied health professional with the skills and experience to get to the bottom of the most complex of breastfeeding problems. My goal is to empower you to meet your goal. I will employ all my skills, knowledge, evidenced based information, and resources to do that. I have a network of excellent professionals that I refer to when necessary.


When I am not helping mothers and babies, I love to be in the woods, at the lake, or curled up in front of a movie or series I have seen 100 times. Having my kids around me is my joy.


Lilli Moody


My name is Lilli Moody, and I am a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). I obtained my lactation credentialing education and clinical hours through the University of California San Diego. This highly respected and rigorous academic lactation program provided me training under a multitude of skilled IBCLCs. I am taking my IBCLE board exam in the Spring of 2024.

I am passionate about all things moms and babies, but breastfeeding and lactation is what I am most enthusiastic about. I have two beautiful boys, and my interest in pursuing lactation as a career started when I had my firstborn. This is in part because I faced many breastfeeding and postpartum challenges. Thankfully, Carol was my lactation consultant during those challenges, and she has inspired me to help support and guide other mothers as they navigate through motherhood. Breastfeeding my children has been the pleasure of a lifetime, and I look forward to helping you meet your goals.

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What is an IBCLC?

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

IBCLCs are highly skilled allied healthcare professionals with an international board certification. We specialize in the care of the breastfeeding dyad. Many times, a breastfeeding difficulty leads us to the discovery of an underlying issue or illness. We serve an important role in the early health of your baby. As an IBCLC and a mother, we offer compassionate, evidence based care for you and your baby.

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