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Thank you! I

couldn't have

done it without


You made all

the difference

in the world!


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I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. R turned 18 months this week and we are still on our breastfeeding journey. The beginning was so hard and getting his tongue released was such a roller coaster but you helped us through all of it. I have since become a big advocate for tongue tie release and had my 5 year old released a couple months back. You are doing such important work and I appreciate all that you have done for us.


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I can tell you love what you do!

You helped me and O tremendously. I've been able to continue to breastfeed and pump. I haven't even needed to dip into my frozen storage.

I've been able

to pump enough

before & during

work for the next

day to feed O.

Then on my days

off I exclusively

BF her. Seems to

be working great.

She definitely has

gained weight!

She is 15# already!

She just turned 3mo 

😳😂 L.K.

testimonials - pic - Olivia.jpg

Thank you again for everything- your advice and reassurance was as valuable and appreciated as your calming vibes and energy ❤️ E.R.

Thank you Carol!! You are awesome!! ❤️ E.T.

R: thank you Auntie Carol!

I like to smile when I am not gassy😊 I.W.

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I just wanted to give you an update on F since he is doing so well since the tongue tie revision.  As of Wednesday, he weighed 16lbs 7oz, and I believe he started around 13lbs 5oz. He has really filled out and is reaching so many milestones! He has almost perfected sitting, but definitely has rolling down. He doesn't seem overly sensitive to food textures anymore and tries almost anything I give him. He is doing great and I just wanted to thank you for your help! C.A.

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Just wanted to share with you that Miss E turned 4 months old yesterday and our breastfeeding journey is still going well (despite her top 2 teeth coming in 😁) She is all rolls and it's hard to believe we were every worried about her weight gain 😂🥐  H.S.

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Thanks for all your help back in the day! J is a happy, healthy EBF baby! We got his tongue and lip tie taken care of and my nipples are so thankful haha. He'll be 5 months old next week. It's all that breastmilk from his flawless latch you

helped us






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Hi Carol!...We were just thinking of you...Just wanted to say hi and thanks so much again for everything! V is 7.5 months and big and strong! Still breastfeeding:-) M.D.

Carol, A sincere thank you for everything that you have done for our family! You have been pivotal in our breastfeeding journey, and have been someone for us to turn to in what feels like such an isolating time. We cannot begin to thank you enough. Please know how much we appreciate you!

Love, The H Family

Just wanted to share with you that we just had H's 6 month Dr. appt and she's doing great! She's just

over 15 pounds

and we're still

breastfeeding :)

thank you for

all your help! K.B.

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testimonials - pic - Quinn.jpg

And even 9 months later we are still so thankful for you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ S.L.

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Thank you, Carol! I appreciate you! L.W.

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This almost 11 month old cutie with chocolate eyes is sitting up most of the time unsupported, passed her developmental exam as advanced for real age, loves to sing and interact with her siblings, sleeping through the night in her own crib, still breastfeeding throughout the day and eating solids like a champ! We are so appreciative for all of your support during our challenging time. You were always right...judge the baby and not the weight! C.P.

Hi Carol! Just wanted you to know that Baby W is thriving. He's enormous! 14 lbs 100% breastfed!!! Thank you eternally for everything you did to help me learn to feed him. I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life. S.C.

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